The PUNKTEINS success story began in the early 1970s with the foundation of the engineering firm Helmrich & Partner, which at firs was run purely as a structural engineering firm. The company, which employed excellent specialists, grew and the number of orders and the scale of building planning increased enormously. PUNKTEINS GmbH was founded in 2001 – the people employed back then are now the managing partners of one of the leading general planning companies in Germany.

In the meantime, the wealth of experience shared between the staff at PUNKTEINS covers 25 years and numerous industrial references. With its innovative product portfolio, today PUNKTEINS is active worldwide with projects in North America, Russian and Great Britain, and employs almost 30 members of staff including experienced architects, construction engineers and technical draughtspeople.

Right from the start, PUNKTEINS places value on the fact that all important work steps are fully under control when constructing industrial buildings. This allows us to provide clients with a high-quality and comprehensive range of services from a single source at all times.